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Litigationworks advocates for clients at all levels of the court system, including the Supreme Court of Canada, and also provides representation before administrative tribunals and regulatory bodies.

In its public law practice, the firm draws on its special expertise in defining the boundary separating the public and private sectors and handles regulatory matters of all kinds with an emphasis on the health care industry and the defence of health care professionals. The firm also focuses on the defence of individual freedoms through Charter challenges and acts for plaintiffs and defendants in matters involving human rights and ethics complaints. In its private law practice, the firm acts in the areas of libel and defamation, real estate (mortgage actions) and insurance (acting only for the insured). 

The reference to “works” in the firm’s trade name signifies a commitment to providing clients with bespoke solutions in the tradition of English craftsmanship.


We listen to your story — and provide litigation solutions that are right for you.

We identify the unique issues and claims that give you the upper hand in your dispute.

We use strategic thinking and advanced research methods to add value to your position.

We frame your position to make it easily understood by judges, decision-makers and the media.

We work virtually in a team-based format to minimize overhead and reduce the cost of litigation.




  • Defence of health care professionals in relation to investigations and discipline proceedings under the Regulated Health Professions Act in Ontario and similar legislation in other provinces
  • Mediation and settlement of disputes with regulators


  • Consultations and opinions on provincial and federal health legislation as it affects individuals, businesses and health professionals


  • Representation of individuals penalized or prosecuted for questioning or acting contrary to government recommendations and policies concerning Covid-19
  • Conduct of civil actions for damages in relation to Covid-19 measures


  • Applications for judicial review of decisions of governments and administrative bodies


  • Challenges to decisions of governments and administrative bodies under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms


  • Motions for injunctions against the actions and decisions of governments and administrative bodies


  • Representation in the areas of libel and defamation, real estate (mortgage actions) and insurance (acting only for the insured)


  • Motions for leave to appeal to provincial Courts of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada in public and private law matters


  • Consultations and opinions on provincial and federal privacy legislation


  • Representation of plaintiffs and defendants in proceedings under federal and provincial human rights legislation


  • Representation of defendants in proceedings under ethics legislation and codes conduct


  • Representation of defendants subject to investigations by Integrity Commissioners and Municipal Councils
  • Due diligence review of municipal codes of conduct to ensure compliance with procedural fairness and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms 


  • Applications under provincial and federal freedom of information legislation


  • Communications services to enhance litigation strategy utilizing in-house expertise in corporate communications and media relations
  • Training for public speaking and media appearances


Litigationworks is a team-based law practice founded by Michael Alexander in 2013. The firm collaborates with lawyers in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia and New York State on an ad hoc basis to provide clients with the unique blend of expertise needed to successfully advance their claims.

Michael began his training as a litigator when he was a law student at the University of Toronto, where he worked as a research associate for a faculty member who was one of the top litigators in the country. Later, after completing graduate work at Columbia Law School, he took a position with a major Bay Street firm, working primarily in the litigation department. However, a latent entrepreneurial zeal soon surfaced, and Michael found himself running a start-up real estate investment firm. But the law was not done with him.

When a major property in the company’s mortgage portfolio burned to the ground, the insurance company covering the property, State Farm U.S., refused to honour Michael’s claim. This forced him to sue the 19th largest company in America for recovery in a six-year legal battle that went all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada.

There, State Farm argued for changes to the regulatory framework governing property insurance, which would have allowed insurance companies to double premiums across the country. In a classic David and Goliath struggle, Michael defied expectations and delivered novel arguments that led the Court to render a unanimous judgment in his favour, which had the effect of saving homeowners and investors hundreds of millions of dollars. Since winning this seminal case, Michael has been involved in high-stakes litigation that has the potential to redefine relationships in the public and private sectors.

Michael holds law degrees from the University of Toronto and Columbia University, where he also studied political science and philosophy at the graduate level. While holding the Laidlaw Fellowship in Law and Political Science, he also studied at the University of Chicago. He is a member of the Bar of Ontario and qualified to practice in other provinces under the National Mobility Agreement.

When not practising law, Michael moonlights as a best-selling author, professional public speaker and media commentator. His publications include How to Inherit Money (HarperCollins) and Competing Against America (Wiley and Sons).


Michael Alexander has media in his DNA. His late grandfather, Jack Beardall, was a radio pioneer who built and owned one of the first privately owned radio stations in Canada, CFCO 630 AM. First appearing on the station at age of six as a musical performer, Michael has been involved in performance activities throughout his life. 

Over the last 25 years, Michael has worked outside the practice of law as a professional writer, public speaker and media commentator. His work in these areas is contracted through BT10 Communications, a consulting firm that takes its name from the call letters of one of his grandfather’s early experimental stations circa 1926.

Michael brings his expertise in communications to his work as a litigator, providing the unique benefit of someone who has been placed under intense pressure to produce compelling messages for highly demanding audiences. He also collaborates with other professionals to create communications strategies for clients with a view to reaching target audiences with finely tuned messages.  

Introducing BT10 Production: The Jack Beardall Innovation Project


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